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Unless it occurs due to a medical condition or structural damage to the nerves from surgery or injury, ED in young men is likely to be psychogenic, i. Conditions which can lead to the development of erectile dysfunction include: Participating as needed in psychotherapy, sex therapy or other treatments which may be recommended for your partner.

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A specialized mechanical pump is used to cause an erection by placing it over the penis and sucking air out of the pump, drawing blood into the penis. Sensate focus, a type of sex therapy, focuses on building intimacy between partners.

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Damage to the nerves in the penis as a result of surgery to nearby areas, such as prostate surgery , or from an injury, such as a spinal cord injury Erectile dysfunction after prostatectomy prostate surgery All prostate surgery procedures disrupt the nerves and blood vessels that control the way erections form. Implants Penile prosthesis is a surgical procedure in which a rod is implanted inside the penis in order to simulate an erection. Brand name, Levitra Avanafil. Can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, psychological problems that can cause erectile dysfunction.

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